The ABET Foundation is independent from ABET and has no role or influence in accreditation reviews or decisions by ABET commissions. The ABET Foundation offers a variety of services to assist programs that are preparing for an eventual accreditation review by an ABET commission. These services are intended for use well in advance of an actual ABET review.

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Consultation Services

The ABET Foundation offers consulting services to assist programs in preparation for an ABET accreditation review. Foundation consulting services are intended to take place prior to submission by a program of a Request For Evaluation (RFE) to ABET. Normally consulting services will not be provided to a program after submission of an RFE except to complete consultation work that was begun prior to RFE submission.

Foundation consultants are highly experienced in ABET requirements and procedures but have no involvement with ABET that would represent a conflict of interest for consulting activities, such as being in a position involving voting on or influencing an ABET accreditation decision. The consultants are qualified by program area, although in some cases a consultant may be qualified to review programs in more than one program area.

A complete review by a consultant normally begins with a review of documentation on a program, preferably a draft ABET self study.  Following the initial review of documentation, the consultant visits the program site for interviews and observations to gather information on the program relative to the ABET criteria. At the end of the on-site visit, the consultant provides a verbal report that contains recommendations on actions to strengthen the program’s compliance with ABET criteria. Not more than two weeks following the on-site visit the consultant provides a written report detailing the recommended actions.

Although Foundation consultants are highly experienced in ABET program reviews, the Foundation does not speak for ABET. The conclusions and recommendations by Foundation consultants are based on the experience and knowledge of the consultants, but there is no guarantee that a program review by ABET will result in exactly the same findings as those of a consultant.

Consulting services offered by the ABET Foundation are provided on a fee plus expense basis. Consultants receive a fee for services as well as reimbursement for travel expenses incurred, and the Foundation also charges a small fee for arranging and managing the finances for a consultation service.  A cost schedule for consulting services is available as a separate document.

The usual procedure for obtaining an ABET Foundation consultant is:

1. The educational institution contacts the ABET Foundation and provides information on:

a.  the names of the institution’s programs that are preparing for a possible ABET review,

b. the target year (September-December) for an ABET review,

c. the desired time-frame for a consultant visit, and

d. the URL of the institution’s website.

e. For programs not already accredited, the date of the first graduates of each program also should be provided.

2. After agreeing on the general terms of the consulting activities, the Foundation will propose a consultant for each program for which consultation is requested. After acceptable consultants are identified, an agreement detailing the work to be done and the cost for the services is signed and offered by the Foundation, and signed by the institution as acceptance of the offer.

3. The Foundation is not directly involved in the conduct of the consultation. The consultants work directly with the institution to complete the work.

4. Following transmission of the written consultants’ report, the Foundation sends a single invoice to the institution for all fees and travel costs not paid directly by the institution. The institution pays this single invoice to the Foundation as a vendor of consulting services, and the Foundation provides all required reporting, documentation, payment of service fees, and expense reimbursement for each consultant.

If desired, it may be possible for a consultant to present a workshop providing an overview of ABET requirements and procedures during the on-site visit. If this is desired then it should be made known before arrangements are made for a consultant so that a consultant can be found who is willing to conduct the workshop. There is no additional fee, other than for the consultant’s time, for conducting a basic workshop where no materials are needed.

Potential Consultant Identification Only

Intended primarily for cases in which requested consultant services are outside the scope of ABET Foundation services, the foundation also can provide contact information for one or more qualified consultants, and the institution can make its own arrangements for a consultant review. There is no fee for this service. However, once the contact information is provided the Foundation can provide no further assistance without a fee. The Foundation maintains a minimal list of current consultants (only one consultant in some areas), and in general the Foundation cannot provide additional information on potential consultants if the institution is unable to make satisfactory arrangements with those on the initial list that is provided. If the Foundation arranges a consultation for a fee as described above then the Foundation will find a qualified consultant if possible, assuming that there is enough time to do so. But the Foundation does not have the resources to do any more than to identify consultants from the current list (if any) when only consultant contact information is provided for a program.

Self-Study or Other Documentation Review

Foundation consultants also can provide a review of a self study or other documentation without an on-site visit. Because there are many factors relative to the ABET criteria that cannot be assessed without an on-site visit, a review only of a self study is most appropriate as a follow-up to an on-site review (after corrective actions are complete) or for other special situations. The basic cost of such a review is given in the cost schedule for consulting services referenced at the end of this web page.


 A workshop on ABET-related requirements and procedures can be provided by the ABET Foundation at an institution site. These can range from a basic workshop on ABET requirements and procedures to an advanced workshop on assessment and continuous improvement processes. Attendance at such a workshop can be restricted to appropriate faculty and staff from one or more specific institutions, or can be provided on a more regional basis.  he cost for a workshop is arranged on an individual basis, depending on the length of the workshop, the number of participants, the workshop content, the workshop location, and other factors specific to the intended workshop.

Additional Information

To contact the ABET Foundation:  Email Jack Rutherford, Director for Consultant Services (Under contract with the Foundation) at

Please include the following information:

-Primary Contact First and Last Name

-Primary Contact Position Title

-Primary Contact Email Address

-Institution Name

-Program Name(s)

-Campus Location(s)

-ABET Accreditation Status

-A Brief Description of the Services Desired

Download the Fee Schedule for Consulting Services.



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