About the Foundation


The primary purpose of the ABET Foundation is to advance, promote, and support the charitable, educational, and scientific purposes of ABET, Inc., by

1. Creating, sustaining, and managing an endowment fund for ABET.

2. Organizing and operating a educational service for domestic and non-domestic institutions and programs aspiring to meet ABET standards.

3.  Assisting other countries and non-domestic agencies in developing accreditation systems for scientific and technical education programs.

4.  Supporting research activities related to the goals and activities of ABET.

5.  Providing other services or engaging in activities that are closely related in purpose or function to ABET.

2017 Leadership

Philip E. Borrowman, Chair
Elizabeth Glazer, Secretary-Treasurer
Daniel Bradley, Representative Director
Robert Herrick, Representative Director
David K. Holger, Representative Director
Winfred M. Phillips, Representative Director
Patrick J. Walsh, Representative Director
Karan L. Watson, Representative Director


Annual Reports

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